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About Us

It doesn’t matter how good the paint job is or if the bass rattles your neighbor’s windows; if the wheels are weak, just don’t leave the house. That’s why you’re here – and that’s why we’re here too.

When we started Rosco Wheels, you had two choices – Get the rims you want and crush your bank account, or well … that was the only choice. (We’re not putting second-best anything on our cars!)

Like any self-respecting gearheads, we weren’t going to settle for Top Gear US when what we wanted was Top Gear UK, so we sat down to figure out how to make the rims that would make us want to put them on our daily’s and our track cars. We didn’t do it for anyone else – we made the rims we’ve always wanted to see, and we came up with designs that are light on weight, heavy on the awesome, and will put your buddies’ ride to shame. Turns out we weren’t the only ones who like them!

We’ve always got new designs in the works, and each one delivers exceptional quality at a price that makes sense. Not sure what’s going to work for you? Contact us! Our customer support is second-to-none, and you’ll get real help to get you on the road faster.

Are we partial to Rosco Wheels? Sure – but it’s only because they’re the finest wheels on the planet sold with the most excellent customer service in the history of serving customers.


Roll on some Roscos and decide for yourself.

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