| Fitment Guide |

We know that not everyone is as nerdy about wheels as we are, so we made you this simple guide, so you can be sure you're getting the best fit!

Our bolt patterns are 5x112 for VW/Audi, Mercedes & Mini.

Our "pcd" (The hole in the middle of the wheel) is 66.5, this will fit directly on most Audi's, Mini's and some VW's and MB's, your car might have a center bore of 57.1, if so, you'll need a set of centering rings that go from 66.5 to 57.1, they can be purchased at your tire shop and are generally around $5 ea and you'll need 4. 

Find out your wheel info here

Our wheels sit a bit further out than your stock wheels, nothing crazy, just enough to improve the look and performance of your car. Gallery

Our wheels are slightly wider than your stock wheels, this is again to improve performance. Don't worry, your stock tires will fit.

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