Rosco Wheels
Founders Club

By joining our founders club you’ll be a part of a unique group of automotive enthusiasts supporting the growth of the car culture around us while helping grow our charitable foundation. All through a simple YouTube channel.


The goal of the founders club is to grow the Rosco Wheels YouTube channel globally so that together we can influence the growth of car culture while creating inclusion in our community.


Our growth allows us to give back to people and families going through hard times in unique ways that help when they need it most.


This was all inspired by the story of when I bought the RX8 for our channel and met a family that was going through an intense life changing event.  That video coming soon!

What you'll get

- You’ll be rewarded with free Founders Club merch at subscriber milestones.

- We’ll share unique brand opportunities with you that will only be shared with founders club members.

(discounts and free product when possible)

- Access to exclusive in person and social events for founders members club only.

-To be a part of a community of likeminded individuals on a mission to grow car culture while helping people in need.

-You'll feel fulfilled in knowing you are giving back

- Access to charitable giving data


Who should join and what's involved

Your objective should be to accelerate our YouTube channel growth and reach. This can be by sharing videos on facebook groups, reddit threads, your own YouTube channel, twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc, or in your own unique way!

We expect that you’ll be active in sharing best practices in our exclusive Facebook group to help us all reach more people most effectively.

You'll also participate in watching the content, liking the videos and commenting. (these metrics are most important in regards to YouTube pushing our videos)


Who we're looking for

A larger than average influence/following on social platforms is preferred, but being active on groups/pages like facebook and reddit can be enough in some cases. Although we would love to have you all join us, we have to keep the group at a manageable size in order to provide you with the best experience.


Thanks for applying!