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About us and our thanks

Today is Thanksgiving day in Canada and we're very thankful for you!

First, an introduction, since we should have written this a long time ago!

We are Rosco Wheels. There are two meanings to our name, our founder has been called Rosco his whole life, no matter who he was with, people always resorted to Rosco. Ask him though, and you get another side of the story...

Ross&Company. Our founder, Ross Buchanan has, since the day he was born, wanted to spend time with good company. Ross would drop what he wanted to do and pickup another sport or activity because there were people doing it and having fun, and that has always been the most important thing to him. Fun is what has always driven him in life and in business. He believes you can be more creative, happier and achieve more with like minds working together, when coupled with having fun, success, growth and happiness are magnified.

Why we do it.

Anyone that has ever replaced their stock wheels with something aftermarket that fits their personal style, knows the gratifying feeling of standing back and seeing your new look. It's a feeling that most of us get even after having multiple cars with all kinds of different wheels. Be it a stanced car or a track car, the emotion is real.

We love the automotive industry but we really love the wheel industry. Every one of us is of the belief that there are great people in this industry. We get to work with stance cars, track cars, daily's and everything in between. Although built with different goals in mind, we share a massive passion for making something unique to us. The fact that we get to help you in creating your dream build, or just giving you the confidence you need to roll up to a car show is an amazing feeling. We love that we're selling a want and not a need because it means our customers are excited for their purchase.

Knowing that a new set of wheels is giving people confidence and creating smiles is what makes us love our "jobs" so much. It is also what drives us to offer only the best quality and customer service we can.

It would be a disservice to this industry that we love so much to offer anything but our best, and so, we don't.

We lean on our love of what we do and create to promise that you will always get our best in every way.

That said, we must also thank you, Canada. You've embraced us, supported us and trusted us and we could not be more thankful! ♥

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