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Width ~ skinny or wide wheels?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

We're talking about wheels! Here's why our wheels are made in the widths they are.

Most factory wheels are 7.5'' to 8" wide, which is great for your grandparents car...

We engineer our wheels a bit wider than your factory wheels for a couple reasons.

1. Ability to add wider tires and significantly improve grip and performance.

2. Improve driving characteristics even with your stock tires.

here's what I mean..

When you put wider tires on wider wheels you're very simply putting more tire on the ground, which creates more friction opportunity for the tire as you navigate through corners. Higher performance cars demand wider tires in order to handle the horizontal pressure they can inflict on the tire.

Don't worry, you don't have to get new tires!

With a stock size tire and wheel, your sidewall will generally bulge out slightly on its vertical trip to the tread, this is like standing straight up with your feet touching, not very strong if someone were to push you. When we widen the wheel by just an inch or so, the sideall will have less bulge, as it travels up it will ever so slightly roll in, this essentially stiffens the sidewall feel, giving the tire more balance. like standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

Now with your new set of wider wheels the sidewall isn't able to roll over as much and will give the tread more opportunity to do its job. With the sidewall of the tire somewhat "tighter" you'll also get more feedback from the car. You've no doubt felt the effects of "body roll" well some of that is actually coming from your tire rolling over, our wider wheels help alleviate that.

Combined with a few MM of extra offset, we produce wheels that will give you confidence in your car, so you can enjoy your drive without worrying about performance or being left behind your friends.

-On that note, I'm heading out to carve some backroads! ✌

While I'm out, get yourself a set of wheels here.

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