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Add lightness

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Why adding lightness is crucial to the performance of your car, even for daily driving.

What do we mean by adding lightness?

It's just a fun way of saying we make our wheels lighter by removing unnecessary weight in various places. On the mounting pad of the wheel we've milled out the sections between the bolt holes and on the back of the spokes we've milled out a section where we stamp the wheel details.

Why is lighter better?

Whenever we can remove weight from a vehicle in any location is a good thing, but there is a difference between removing weight from inside your car and what is called "Unsprung weight" which refers to the parts of the car that are not being held up by the suspension, wheels being the most important place we can remove weight to improve performance and economy.

Here's a great short clip explaining Sprung VS. Unsprung weight

So what does it do for us? When you push the accelerator pedal and ask your car to start turning those tires, the lighter they are the easier it is for your car, meaning it can do it quicker and more efficiently. the same goes for stopping.

Think of yourself trying to roll a car tire up a hill, then compare that to rolling a tractor tire up a hill, much more difficult, right? same goes for down hill trying to stop or slow the extra weight it's exponentially more difficult. When compared to yourself walking up a hill on your own, if you were to add a backpack with some weight it doesn't get that much more difficult. Removing unsprung weight is a really good thing!

Now let's consider performance, less weight means the wheel/tire can react quicker to bumps and keep traction down more efficiently both in accel/decel situations but also when cornering!

Most modern cars have the engine slung way out in front of the axles, this often makes newer cars "Push" or "understeer" more on that here.

Quite simply, when we remove weight from the wheels it lets the car react quicker and makes it less prone to understeer and gives you much more balance in the corners.

So how much lighter are they?

A stock Audi S4 Rotor wheel weight has been measured at 29lbs in a 19" wheel, comparatively our Ace in 19x8.5 is only 24.5lb, losing you 4.5lbs per wheel or 18 lbs of unsprung weight!

Here's the milling we do to the back of the spokes.

Watch out for our next article on wheel width!


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