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No.10 Multi Spoke

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Hey guys what's going on I just wanted to talk to you today about one of our

wheels, this is our number 10 wheel, previously called our Driver wheel.

So this is a multi-spoke design that was really important for us to have in the lineup because we wanted to pay homage to the 1990s race cars and there were a ton of multi-spokes back then.

We were able to make it a really cool design by having some concave hopefully concavity, which hopefully you can see in the video.

Because it's a multi-spoke we have a lot of spokes which makes the wheel itself is really strong and means we can make them thin and then make the wheel a little bit lighter.

we also do as we always do on the back of the wheel, we take out some material from the back of the spokes, and from the back of the mounting pad, just again lose a little bit of weight.

this wheel has a really good x factor which is the dimensions from the back of the

mounting surface to the back of the spokes and that's important when you're looking for brake fitment so this wheel's going to fit the bigger brakes a little bit better.

Then we also went with this wheel in an 18x8.5 in an ET38 so it's going to stick out a little bit

further than some of our other wheels and again that's just kind of looking at those older race cars and the style, we really wanted to offer people an opportunity to recreate

that look because we really do think it's a timeless look.

So this wheel like I said is an 18x8.5 ET38 we've currently got it in 5x112 which fits all your volkswagen and audi stuff, or a lot of your volkswagen audi stuff.

Then we offer it in this color which is a bright silver it's a really

classic nice clean look and we also have a gun metallic which is another really

good look.

If you want to learn more about this wheel you can check it out on our

website at you can also find us on all the socials;

facebook, instagram, youtube all that sort of thing and if you've got any

questions feel free to reach out and we'll get back to you as soon as

we can.

Thanks guys we'll talk to you soon.

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