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The AE86 of our generation is the...

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Stop to think for a second, the AE86 Corolla was one of best chassis of the 80's. underpower? yes, but still today it's one of the chassis that car guys lust for. maybe it's for the Initial D nostalgia, but it's still one of the most sought after imports.

Now we sit in the shop and think about what car to build into a street driven, track capable car for our shop car, with many options to consider, the answer has actually become pretty clear, and pretty impressive. The new generation 86 (BRZ/Scion FRS) is THE chassis of this generation.

Yes, Miata is always the answer, it's an amazing chassis, but is it too small?

The S2k is a weapon, but is it too expensive for an older car?

E46 3 series, but is it too heavy?

MK V Supra seems to be holding its own, but it's currently still pretty expensive.

There are many things to consider, and each person will come up with a different answer as to what is the best option for them, but for us, it's looking like we'll be putting an 86 under the knife in the spring. Under powered? Yes, but we'll work on that.

You might be wondering what we're planning for wheels since ours are currently all 5x112. well, we're putting you on notice that 5x114.3 (and others) are coming, and they're going to be amazing!

What is your perfect track capable street car build? Join us on social media to get in on the conversation.

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