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Wheel Offset Explained!

Lets talk about brakes and choosing the right brake pad!

Organic, Ceramic (not to be confused with Carbon Ceramic) and Semi Metallic.

Q. What are organic brake pads?

A. Organic brake pads are what come from the factory on most new cars, they are made from organic materials such as glass, rubber and resin, they are quiet, create little dust and have a soft feel. great for your average vehicle!

Q. What are ceramic brake pads?

A. Ceramic brake pads are the next step up for a factory oem organic brake pad, they can withstand higher heat without failing, have much better bite and pedal feel while being still much quieter than semi metallic brakes. These are great for the weekend track warrior or backroad driving enthusiast.

Q. What are semi-metallic brake pads?

A. Semi-Metallic brake pads are made from exactly what you might think, Metal! that is mixed with graphite lubricants and bonding material. Semi Metallic brakes are louder than the others, they create a lot more brake dust. Where they really shine is on the track! Semi-Metallic brakes can withstand super high temps, and don't suffer from brake fade like the others. You don't want these for your daily driver, but maybe for a weekend car!

Brake Rotors


There are 3 main types of brake rotors to go long with your new brake pads.

Often referred to as blanks, these are your standard brake rotors, they are often used for track cars that go through brakes quickly and want a cheaper option, but heavier cars can sometimes need something with more cooling and cleaning potential.


That's where slotted brake rotors come in. What are slotted brake rotors? Made with the addition of multiple slots running on an angle across the rotor faces, they are meant to both clean and cool your brakes. the slot allows gasses to escape and brake dust a place to go.

Drilled (Drilled and Slotted)

Lastly, drilled rotors or often drilled and slotted rotors are made to keep brakes super cool, but they have a major flaw being that they are prone to cracking, Leave these to race cars and go with slotted rotors and a nice set of brake pads that fit your needs.

Here's a video that covers the topic in more detail!

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