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Why we're focused on VW & Audi (2020)

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Think with me for a minute about entering the aftermarket wheel industry...

Where do you start? ~ For us this part was pretty easy, and it comes down to what you're most familiar with and what you are most passionate about. Now don't get us wrong, we're dying to get into all the cool 5x114.3 stuff, 5x120 (BMW) and 5x130 (Porsche) domestics etc, but we have to take things one step at a time, we'll explain why...

When you're building wheels, each mold will make one wheel in one size, what you may not know is that molds are really expensive! So you create your design and decide to make it in 18'', if you want to also offer is in 19'' like we do with our Cruise wheel and our Ace wheel, you have separate molds for each of those.

that's 5 molds just to get a 3 wheel lineup with 2 sizes in 2 of them.

Now we need to look at offset and width. (More molds)

In our Ace wheel for example, we make a 19x8.5 and a 19x9.5, same diameter, but we need a wider mold.

We don't at this point, but if we wanted to offer more offset options, things get even more crazy!

Then after we've got our designs, sizes and molds ready, we have to drill a bolt pattern and decide what colours to offer. If you wanted to offer the same wheel for a BMW and Audi fitment, you'd likely be going with all new molds as the size, offset and width would all be slightly different.

OK, I digress, you can see now it's a very in depth process when building multiple offerings.

Rather than spreading ourselves thin and only offering one colour or one size in each wheel, we decided to focus on a single fitment. By doing this, we're able to offer multiple colours and sizes that fit a fairly wide variety of cars.

Watch out for our spring 2021 new product launches! Radial Pressure Forged (RPF) wheels in some really cool styles are coming, and we're working our way into other bolt patterns too!


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