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YOUTUBE Cheap Car Challenge

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

To be honest, spending money on FB and Google ads is super annoying, it does sell wheels and in fact it's why a lot of you have bought your wheels from us, but it's a short term mindset and we have long term goals. The problem is that when we stop paying, business stops coming in. (ok, it just slows down) By switching to youtube, we get to do what we love by playing with cars and creating fun content for you, while growing the brand. We can even use the platform to fund bigger and better projects, so that's what we're doing!

The Cheap Car Challenge is one that I think most people have thought about doing with a few buddies after watching a bunch of top gear or the grand tour, it's an exciting idea that most people never go through with, or have the funds to do. We decided that the best thing we could do was to take you along on our adventures so you can enjoy this as much as us. We want you to feel connected to the cars, we hope you've got a favourite picked out and are cheering for your favourite car, maybe the RX8, or maybe the Civic EK Hatch.

The Cars

The RX-8 is a 2007, we bought it from a very special person in Penticton, B.C. (we hope to tell you more about that later) The car had a head on with a deer and was written off and repaired before we got it. So, its a rebuilt title.

We took a gamble on this car, it didn't run properly at all when we got it and had an engine light on, the car barely made it up a hill on the way home.

The main culprit turned out to be a completely plugged Catalytic converter, it was literally so bad you couldn't see through it and we had to pull the mid pipe off the car and smash away with a crowbar to loosen it up. It's running good now aside from some slight hesitation which is likely due to worn apex seals. read- low compression.

The Civic is a 2000 EK Hatch, we bought it from a guy in Kamloops, B.C. The main thing with the civic is we're not sure about what's going on with the motor, it has an aftermarket valve cover, and feels like it has a lot more power than the 106 hp that the stock engine has, maybe it's just us, but we're thinking it might have been converted to Vtec.. We haven't had the chance yet, but a look at the ECU might answer that for us. Oh, it' also a rebuilt but is in super clean condition with no rust, these are getting hard to find!

What to expect // Schedule

Our cheap car challenge is underway, we've bought some parts for both cars and are waiting for more, we're a bit limited right now on working space as we wait to get into a new shop, and it's cold AF here in Kelowna, B.C so working outside is miserable. We're filming how to videos, and a full build series for each car. once we've got our cars ready, we're renting a track to film a lot of the stuff that isn't street legal. We're planning a road trip which you'll be coming along on where we'll likely be spinning the wheel of misery (see --> intro to the cheap car challenge for info on what that is) expect some hideous cars to return after that!

We have a stage 2 planned for the cars and content, we're working on some collabs and are really pushing to create a solid mix of content for your entertainment. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and come along with us on this journey!

p.s whether you like burnouts, how to's asmr detailing videos, or anything at all related to car content, we plan to entertain you, so just do it, go subscribe 😎

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